Jan 31, 2010

The Gift of The Sight of An Achievement (in defense of Tiger Wood's accomplishments and others)

Ayn Rand said the greatest gift one human can give another is the sight of an achievement. That is one of my favorite quotes of hers. When one person shows us what is possible, he or she clears the path for the rest of us, if you will, provides us inspiration and helps us to believe in what we can do personally.

One of the things we tend to do to people who give us that gift, unfortunately, is to put them on a pedestal and assume that their achievement in this particular area of their life somehow obligates them to meet that standard in all they do, so they don't disappoint us.

We are then the ones responsible for setting ourselves up for that disappointment when this person doesn't live up to expectations that we have created for them. However, we don't take that responsibility but instead forget the gratitude we had for the incredible gift they gave us in the first place while we are busy pointing the finger.

I believe that achievements stand on their own as entities separate from those who achieved them. They are a testament to what is possible when certain principles are followed by human beings, and how when some one's efforts are well aligned with their passions, something incredibly powerful is unleashed. Finding our own particular passions and aligning our best efforts with these passions, is what helps unleash our true potential and as such is quite possibly THE experience that makes life worth living. That is why, in my opinion, we are so inspired by other's accomplishments, because we can see how fully they are truly living, and the best part of us wants that same experience more than anything else. (which is why the sight of an achievement is the greatest gift)

George Martin, spoke of the Beatles' music as being "bigger than they were". (that is the quote that gave me the idea for this blog.) The Beatles' were kids really, who got involved with drugs, had (in my opinion) naive political views and wound up breaking up over petty immaturity's and jealousies. (actually, considering what they were exposed to in terms of fame, adulation, riches etc. at such a young age, quite understandable, and pretty amazing actually that they stayed together as long as they did.)

Tiger Woods' current headlines speak of his fall from heights, and this blog is not meant to comment in any way on his extramarital behaviour. The point I'm trying to make, in fact, is that it is wholly besides the point. I don't seek to judge him; I don't know him, in fact I don't even want to speak of him, but of his accomplishments as quite possibly the greatest golfer that ever lived. (Incidentally, I'm not even a golf fan)

Whatever, his current behaviour, it does not change what he accomplished as a golfer and the gift that he has given us, in showing us a level of excellence previously unmatched. He, as a person, I don't care to discuss, however his accomplishment in and of itself, remains an incredible gift for which I will always be grateful.

The best within us is inspired by the accomplishments of others to reach for.... well, the best within us.

That part of us that seeks to tear those people down when they fail to live up to some standard we've set for them, (which is their job, not ours) is something lower within us, that seeks to justify and rationalize our failures by bringing others down rather than to seek to bring ourselves higher.

Let's focus on the best!

Jan 5, 2010

Will's Wisdom

This guy is cool... pure and simple.... I may not agree with every last thing he believes, but I love that he knows exactly what he believes and is willing to die for it.... Very cool!!!