Mar 31, 2017



What does this word even mean?

Well, i think to comply means reluctantly going along with something whenyou wish you didn't really have to.

Acceptance perhaps would be the next step towards making peace with it.

Than willingness must mean a step further along this continuum closer to actually embracing it.

Other parts of my mission statement refer to "lunging forward ", "enthusiasm" and "passion" and no doubt there is overlap and duplication in my mission but each segment pays homage, if you will, to various sources that have influenced me.

In this case, the source is the acronym H.O.W. from 12 step programs, in terms of "how" do you work the program, or "how" does one go about reaching goals? The acronym stands for "honesty, open mindedness and WILLINGNESS".

So while pop psychology might suggest that a positive attitude of willingness is a pre requisite for desired results, others may argue that it is, itself a result of an adherence to a proper philosophy where basic principles start with Reason, purpose and self esteem.

Either way, lack of willingness, I think all would agree would always be a major impediment.

Feedback and critique always welcome.

Mar 29, 2017



Stole this one from Tony Robbins.

For those not familiar, the idea is first recognizing that there is an optimal state, not only of mind but of physical demeanor and attitude etc where we are far more effective and productive. The closest analogy would be that if being in "the zone" as some times referred to in athletic activities.

The second concept is that we have the ability to consciously bring ourselves into this "optimal " state whenever we choose to.

When I first heard Tony Robbins speak of this, he referred to a technique, I believe he called "anchoring". The idea was to vividly recall a time when you felt in that ideal state and to create a strong association with some other factor such as a memory, a smell or a piece of music for example. My memory may be failing me on the exact details but I'm pretty sure that was the gist of it.

The most important point was that this was something one could consciously control.

While I do acknowledge significant validity to that technique, I believe optimal state is best achieved within a multi factorial context that would include (partial list) proper

*sleep patterns (neurotransmitter regulation)
*exercise, movement and posture
*body weight and hormone control
*a philosophical outlook aligned with objective reality and focused on reason, purpose and self esteem (see previous blog posts

What remains though is the fact that these are all under our control** and perhaps more importantly is the independent will to decide to "take action" to seek and maintain that state in order to achieve, as opposed to waiting for the state to spontaneously occur (or second handedly wait for someone or something to do it for us)

Action precedes motivation and not the other way around.

Feedback appreciated.

**some may argue and I will concede, that for people who suffer from clinical depression, or for people in extremely negative circumstances, it may be far more challenging than I make it sound. Recent research however has shown that many of the factors I named can be effective ways to battle depression. I'm not claiming that I personally would make the right choices if faced with the challenge of mental illness or extremely negative circumstances but rather that, for some, the choices may be much more difficult, but this still doesn't amount to determinism. There is still a choice.

Mar 25, 2017

I'm back!....ramblings after 18 months....

Recently, I began to read a book written by someone who had previously expressed appreciation for my writing on this blog. She told me she truly valued my opinion, and I got the impression that my writing had encouraged her to do the same.

This led me to feel a certain degree of guilt and regret, as she took the initiative and actually published a book, while I fell off the wagon and have completely gotten away from the blog.

In fairness, I have been journaling, and in this day and age, I've heard it said that everything has become a blog including facebook postings and whatever presence you have on social media. But that sounds like rationalizing to me.

I've also heard it said, that if "everything is a priority, than nothing is."

My work has been very high on my list, as my new role has brought on perhaps the steepest learning curve of my career, and this has been very rewarding.

My fitness activities, and my guitar playing are also priorities that have not required me any discipline to stick to, as, over the years, these have become very addictive habits. (I recognize my limited natural talent, but that makes these no less rewarding) Thankfully, my fitness practices involve brief infrequent exercise and are not very time consuming, but guitar is something that you can immerse yourself for hours, and in fact requires a commitment of time in order to improve.

Relationships with family are critical, and, since my last blog post, we now have a new grand daughter, bringing us to five grandchildren, but this is the first one who lives in the same city as us.

I am resisting temptation to edit, and put the above paragraph first, recognizing that family "should" come first, but I'm not sure the order of my thoughts, first thing in the morning, dictates my hierarchy of values, but perhaps those that I've allowed to preoccupy my time the most. I'm reflecting in real time, and this reminds me of the true value of blogging beyond the end result created.

Other "priorities": ballroom dancing, hockey, my finances, my wife's new business, a new property we just bought that will require a lot of work, reading (which I have been doing a lot of) as in lifelong learning... and I'm back to the thought of "if everything is a priority, then, nothing is"....

...and yet, I'm reminded of two things.... Being the Hero of your OWN life, has always made me think of the renaissance man who is in fact well rounded, physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and skill wise. A warrior and a poet, etc. Secondly, I admit, that there are still many places in my life, from me to steal time, to be more focused on things that matter, mainly web surfing guitar sites, too much facebooking etc.

In a previous post, I reflected on people being spectators of life, rather than actors, and I recognize that while philosophizing about life is crucial, living it is the true art.

While the person with the dull saw, needs to stop long enough to sharpen it, the person who spends all his time sharpening, will never get any work done. (speaking of which, a new discovery has been the joys of craftsmanship (another priority?) where one actually comes in direct contact with reality in a way that academics never will, and utilizes one's brain even beyond the limitations of language... ie. music is not notation.)

In any case, here it is, a post, and I am recognizing that whether I keep this commitment to continue of not, truly is important to me, in the satisfaction that I get when I do, and the regret I feel when I don't.

Thanks, if you happen to read. :)