Jul 22, 2012

Golden Opportunities in Disguise

I will be proactive and grateful, so that I may remain aware of, and profit from, all aspects of reality, ESPECIALLY those GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES, that may be DISGUISED as hardships or problems.

In this blog, I strive to bring something to the reader that will be new and not rehash things that have been said countless times before. In this case, everyone, has heard, "look on the bright side of things", "the grey cloud with the silver lining" and "when one door closes, a window opens", which obviously are all variations on my title.

This is not to say that I don't agree with these; I emphatically do, but in my effort to bring something new, I want to truly accent the perspective that focuses on these in such a way as to actually look forward EXCITEDLY to "setbacks".

I bold the word "ESPECIALLY" above, to point out that I believe we need to go way beyond accepting and dealing with these things, all the way to realizing that in the long run, most of us will look back on these as the things that provided us with the most important lessons of our lives. Tony Robbins does say, "when we win, we party, and when we lose, we ponder"..... and if we "ponder" properly we can perhaps gain beyond our wildest expectations.

How many people have had their hearts broken only to go on and find the love of their lives and realize they were in a dysfunctional relationship; or been devastated to have been fired from a job, only to start the business they should have started years before.

There is a saying, "some day we will look back at this and laugh, so why not laugh now?"..... well, in that same vein, if "some day we will look back and realize this was a golden opportunity in diguise, why not have our antennas on to recognize and act on it, right now!

Jul 3, 2012

Reality (part 2) (dedicated to Karla Angott)

I will be proactive and grateful, so that I may remain aware of, and profit from, all aspects of REALITY, especially those golden opportunities that may be disguised as hardships or problems.

I blogged briefly back in early May on REALITY.


At the time, I pasted in the comments section a quote from my friend Karla Angott, who has since lost her battle with cancer. These comments and others that she shared on Facebook showed that, throughout, she maintained a positive attitude, and acted heroically. Can cancer be a "golden opportunity"?

I admit that is a stretch, and yet, the legacy she left behind in showing her daughter a phenomally courageous power of example will no doubt inspire her for life.

She also inspired all those surrounding her near and far, not only to be courageous in their own lives, but to continue to work towards acquiring the technology to defeat this terrible disease.

Death is an inevitable part of reality, and, as such, actually defines life. (if we lived forever, life would be infinite, but life is finite, and as such is "defined" by death.) How we deal with our greatest "hardship or problem" will put any other challenges into perspective (don't sweat the small stuff). It also defines our own life in the sense of how valuable it is, precisely because it is finite, reminding us to cherish every moment, every loved one, and yes, every challenge or problem, while we can, for all are opportunities if we only look at them in the correct way.

Thanks Karla for sharing your strength and inspiring us. I only knew you briefly, but I salute your HEROism.