Nov 15, 2012


I will keep FIRST THINGS first every day by choosing to think and act in accordance with reason, purpose and self-esteem


FIRST THINGS as per Stephen R. Covey, among others are those things that "matter most".

They are the "oughta's" that are often displaced by the "gotta's"... as in "I really 'oughta' _________ but I never find the time because I 'gotta' ___________.

First off, to be a FIRST THING, it has to be YOUR first thing, not someone else's expectation of you that you feel you 'oughta' do to make them happy, or have them like you. (see previous post on second handers)..... in fact if it is someone else's then it's by definition one of those 'gotta's'.

'Gotta's' are an illusion.... we only think we 'gotta' in many if not most cases, when in reality the consequence for not doing this is minor at worst, neutral in many cases, and very often actually beneficial as it will allow us to focus on true FIRST THINGS.

FIRST THINGS, can be defined simply as anything that you will eventually say, "I'm glad I did this!".... or, very tragically in some cases, since life is short, "I really wish I had....".

The next few posts will deal more with why this needs to be a daily focus and why it all starts with a CHOICE to think!

Thanks for reading!