Jan 15, 2013

PURPOSE = Empowerment.

PURPOSE = Empowerment.

I will keep those first things first in my life, every day by choosing to think and act in accordance with reason, PURPOSE and self-esteem

Reason is the tool that we must use to navigate through the many choices that we need to make throughout our lives in order to first survive and then to achieve happy lives, the latter being, or should be everyone's ultimate PURPOSE.

Happiness, as an end however, can only be achieved once an individual has taken the time to carefully and thoroughly do the introspection to determine specifically what it will take to make them happy.

The defining of this PURPOSE is perhaps one of, if not the most empowering things that anyone will ever do, for many reasons, not the least of which is that they can stop wasting time on things that don't serve this purpose.

In previous writings, I have suggested that the secret to happiness is, simply to "do and be your best", and I still believe this to be the case, albeit, this may be incomplete as a concept.

Truly doing your best will actually be far less of an effort and actually become pleasurable, without the need for huge amounts of self discipline if you are properly aligned with a clear purpose.

The saying goes, "find something you love, and you'll never have to work another day in your life".

I compare this alignment to water flow. Misalignment is like a kink in the hose. You can get water through it, but it will require a lot of discipline, perseverance and just plain hard work which will result in the water getting through IF you don't get too tired or discouraged first.

With no kink in the hose... well it just "flows". (In fact there is a book entitled "Flow" with the term being used to describe the fulfilled happy state that someone experiences when they are doing something they are so passionate about that they are completely "in the moment".)

Likewise, with clarity of purpose, we stop operating with one foot on the gas and one on the brake, and we achieve far beyond what we could without this clarity, but more importantly we are happy in the process and not just the end result.

In closing, on the subject that it should be self-evident that our own happiness should be our ultimate purpose, note that, for many that is not the case, and in my next entry, I will show that this is a result of lack of SELF-ESTEEM due to buying into the altruistic philosophy that self sacrifice is a virtue.

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