Dec 31, 2010

Integrity (part 2)

See part 1 below.

"willpower" will not get you far if

-physically you are not integrated because you are eating the wrong foods or wrong quantities or your sleep pattens are out of sync. "Proper" exercise which bears little resemblance to 99% of what is called such these days. All these will affect your hormonal environment which will in turn affect your energy levels and erode your commitment.

This is why your first "commitment" to integrity is based on this foundation.

A good foundation but still only start. Future blog on mental, emotional and spiritual/ohilosophical. All of them are needed in order to be "truly integrated".

On physical crucial first step: get to bed earlier in a cool dark room (dark as possible) and wake up at similar if not exact same time each day.

Dec 30, 2010


Integrity is the ability to make and keep commitments to yourself!!

Master this and you master much of your destiny!!


hint: developing this is far more than just a matter of willpower (whatever that is)

beating up on yourself for lack of said willpower is not productive.

Getting to work finding out what it to takes to develop integrity is far more productive and involves alignment physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Stay tuned.