Mar 31, 2017



What does this word even mean?

Well, i think to comply means reluctantly going along with something whenyou wish you didn't really have to.

Acceptance perhaps would be the next step towards making peace with it.

Than willingness must mean a step further along this continuum closer to actually embracing it.

Other parts of my mission statement refer to "lunging forward ", "enthusiasm" and "passion" and no doubt there is overlap and duplication in my mission but each segment pays homage, if you will, to various sources that have influenced me.

In this case, the source is the acronym H.O.W. from 12 step programs, in terms of "how" do you work the program, or "how" does one go about reaching goals? The acronym stands for "honesty, open mindedness and WILLINGNESS".

So while pop psychology might suggest that a positive attitude of willingness is a pre requisite for desired results, others may argue that it is, itself a result of an adherence to a proper philosophy where basic principles start with Reason, purpose and self esteem.

Either way, lack of willingness, I think all would agree would always be a major impediment.

Feedback and critique always welcome.

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